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The following Batting drills are demonstrated:

Hitting Drills
  • Bat Behind Back
  • Batting Practice
  • Fence Drill
  • Front Toss
  • Soft Toss
  • T Work
  • Wiffle Balls

Bat Behind Back
  • Place bat behind back secured with elbow creases.
  • “Squish the bug”.
  • After pivot, belt buckle faces towards pitcher.
  • Lower half mechanics. 
  • 60-40 balance to rear.
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Batting Practice
  • Coach pitch.
  • Maintain flat trajectory.
  • Use bats, thunderstick. 
  • Use baseballs, wiffles, wiffle golf balls, tennis balls. 
  • Use hitting stick.
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Fence Drill
  • Belly towards fence.
    • Place bat at belly button move up to fence so the bat touches the fence.
    • Practice swinging without hitting the fence.
    • Working on getting hands through the hitting zone.
  • Back foot against fence.
    • Stand with back foot up against the fence.
    • Take regular swing, swing without hitting the fence
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Front Toss
  • Work outside of plate (hit opposite field). 
  • Throw strikes (use L screen to get close)
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Soft Toss
  • Coach interaction on mechanics. 
  • Use real baseballs, wiffles, tennis balls. 
  • Hit into net or out into field.
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T Work
  • Coach interaction on mechanics. 
  • Inside vs. middle vs. outside pitch location.
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Wiffle Balls
  • Use plastic wiffle balls or plastic wiffle golf balls.
  • Pitch regular batting practice to players.
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