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The following throwing drills are demonstrated:

  • 4 Seam Grip
  • 21
  • Around the horn
  • Catch
  • Knee Drill
  • Work up
  • Wrist Flip

4 Seam Grip

  • Show players correct grip for 4 seam ball.

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  • Players play catch aiming for different points on the partners body.
  • Within the partners body is worth 3.
  • If the partner does not move it is worth 2.
  • If the partner must move they get 1 point.
  • Play games up to 21 or desired point value

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Around the horn

  • Place a player at each base.
  • Begin with the ball at home.
  • Throw to 3B, 3B to 2B, 2B to 1B, 1B to home.
  • See how quickly you can do it without dropping it

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  • Coaches emphasize mechanics.  
  • Build on mechanics from knee drill. 
  • Watch footwork. 
  • Point/lead with elbow glove (face to rear). 
  • Firm glove on throw

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Knee Drill

  • Ball side knee down. 
  • Glove pointed at partner (facing behind). 
  • Proper windup.   Elbows up.  Ball high, facing back.  
  • Trunk rotation. Follow through.  Regular or striped ball.   
  • Firm glove on throw.

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Work Up

  • Players begin play catch with the Knee Drill.
  • For the first successful throw the players move to standing.
  • From here with each successful throw the players move back one step at a time.

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Wrist Flip

  • Elbows on glove out front. 
  • Flip ball to partner. 
  • Emphasize back spin. 
  • Regular or striped ball

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