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2019 Umpiring Information and Application

The EPBA is seeking umpires for the spring and summer of 2019.  Applications are now accepted.

If you are a prospective or returning umpire, please read this letter in its entirety as there is new information for 2019.  Then click on links at end of this bulletin to apply.

Umpire pay starts at $25/game for entry/third grade level and progressively scales to $45-$55 for higher grade levels or travel games.  At the highest levels (Legion, Town Ball), umpires can make over $75-$90 per game.  Entry level umpires can expect to receive 5 to 9 games per season (or more) although your summer schedule and conflicts may increase or decrease the number of games called.    Experienced umpires that remain in the system for multiple years can find the number of games/season increase to much higher levels.  Umpiring is like any other job and can be a resume builder (for work and leadership).    Umpiring does develop leadership, communication, and responsibility skills.  References can be provided as appropriate.  For long term, umpiring can become a significant source of secondary income during the summer months.  There is a general lack of qualified umpires at the youth level and the EPBA is seeking individuals who not only will work enthusiastically and responsibly, but also strive for excellence on the job.

For EPBA umpiring, most games are played at fields in Eden Prairie.    The season runs from May through July 2016.  Minimum age requirement is 14 years old during the 2019 season:   Applicants should be born before May 1, 2005. 

Training details will be provided at a later date.


Job requirements are as follows:

  • Attend and complete all required training sessions (as possible) including concussion certification.Read all training materials and communications from the umpiring director.

  • 100 % communication with umpire directors, scheduler/assignors.

  • 100% compliance with use of Arbitor online scheduling tool:This means that you properly register with the site, keep your availability updated, respond to assignor/tool communications regarding game assignments.

  • 100% responsibility to make assigned games and if any changes are made (due to legitimate conflicts such as illness, EPBA game etc), to communicate this to your assignor as soon as possible.

  • Comply with uniform code.

    • Umpires calling games for grades 3-8:Umpire shirts and gear provided.

    • Umpires calling games grades 9-12 and travel:Full umpire gear at your expense is preferred but the EPBA does have some equipment to loan and polos to give. Note:The EPBA will arrange for umpiring gear at affordable prices .

  • Per EPBA policies, applicants may be subject to criminal background check.


Selection criteria:

Every year, the EPBA receives more applicants for umpiring than there are jobs available so we use a priority system based upon the following criteria:

  • Returning EPBA umpires from previous years in good standing and demonstrated attributes such as communication, responsiveness, responsibility, reliability, promptness, umpiring skills etc.

  • Baseball umpiring experience

  • Baseball playing experience

  • Baseball knowledge

  • Affiliation with the EPBA (playing travel or in-house baseball)

  • Availability to work a reasonable number of slots per week

  • Limited slots reserved for entry level umpires (14 year olds which will umpire the third grade level)

  • Attributes and skills in areas of communication, assertiveness, responsibility, general aptitude, etc.

In processing of applications, the umpiring selection committee may request additional information and/or follow-up correspondence and/or interview of particular candidates.

Application period is Feb 9, 2019 through March 26, 2018 with applicants notified by March 22, 2019.   Reminders will be sent to all umpires from the 2018 season regarding application.   If your email has changed, you may not receive a reminder for application.  Receipt of an email reminder for application is just a reminder.  It is not a guarantee that you will be selected to umpire in 2018.   For additional questions, please email Paul Samanant at .


Click HERE to apply.