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Key Responsibilities for a Baseball Team Manager


At Start of Season:

  1. Send an intro email to parents and request dates that they have conflicts so the coaches can plan the weekly game schedule.  They will need this information prior to April 1st!

  2. Send a note to the tournament directors for the tournaments that you are involved in to be added to the distribution list.

  3. Request manager access on epbaseball through your head coach.

  4. Request team access to the MBL website through your head coach.  They will enter you in as an assistant coach so you will be able to enter player information.  

  5. Add player and their numbers to the MBL website.

  6. Schedule a parent team meeting with the coach's input on date and time (highly recommended)

  7. Verify team contact information is correct (cell phones and email addresses)

  8. Get copies of all kids’ birth certificates, you will need to keep a copy and the head coach will need one.

  9. Managers typically use the website to send emails.

    1. Go to Teams and choose your specific team in the drop down

    2. Go to Roster

    3. Go to Options on right side and select “email team”

    4. Under Options, you can also add the jersey numbers for each player

  10. Send out preliminary email with tournament schedule and a team meeting date

  11. Discuss collecting $ for a team fund to cover miscellaneous expenses such as post-season tournaments, food (usually $100 -150 per player)

  12. Enter the Away games in the team’s schedule on Some coaches will do this on their own, but it is good to clarify roles with your coach.

    1. Go to Teams and choose your specific team in the drop down

    2. Go to Schedule

    3. Go to Options on right side and select “add event”

    4. Add practices and games on 1st tab. The Event tab is good for blocking tournament weekends or other events.

  13. Create a Player / Parent Business Card, so everyone learns the team members. Example attached.

  14. Collect money for extra pants that were ordered for players.



  1. Send out weekly email on Sunday with schedule (see example). Be sure to list the Team Name in the Subject since some families have multiple players on teams. See sample email below.

  2. Email is typically the best communication channel,  but for those last minute changes due to weather, Set up a group text with What’s App or Group Me. Be clear that it is only to be used for tournament updates otherwise, it can be a huge distraction.


Tournament Prep

  1. Send out tournament info with weekly email (see sample). Be sure to tell them what time to be there for warm-ups and what uniform color to wear. Include links to tournament draw and google maps for directions.

  2. Most tournaments have their own roster that will need to be completed. They always email the coaches. But it is good to email the tournament director to include the manager on the distribution list. Then, you will get tournament information in a timely manner and not dependent on it being forwarded by the coach.

  3. Collect copies of birth certificates as you will need them with you at all times in case someone questions age. You will need them at tournaments too.

  4. Collect concussion certificates from every coach. They are also needed for every tournament.

  5. Create a 3-ring binder with the birth certificate and concussion certificates

  6. Check in early (30-60 minutes) at the tournaments w/ Birth Certificates, concussion and team roster. If you are unable to be there, , make copies of all the paperwork and give it to one of the coaches in a manila envelope. Always KEEP a copy as you may not get it back!!

  7. Once you have qualified for the MYAS state tournament, they will give you paperwork that need to be signed by parents and players (make sure that is completed and emailed to MYAS)

  8. Reschedule rain outs (coach may prefer to do this). Enter rescheduled games on the website.

  9. When you have two games in one location close in time, try to coordinate a lunch plan for the boys

  10. The tourney schedules typically come out about 1 week prior to the tourney but it can be 1-2 weeks. Check their websites and send out the bracket with the schedules as soon as they are released.


End of Season

  1. Coordinate and plan end of season party

  2. Collect money for coaches gifts and purchase gifts and cards. Have kids sign cards.

  3. Save every email you send, then you can just make weekly changes or use them as examples for next year!


Sample email



Team 13AA Black: Week of July 10




Mon, July 10 at 6:00 PM vs EP Red. Flying Cloud 3. Wear Black and be there at 5:00 PM.


Tues, July 11, 6:00 PM vs Rosemount. Flying Cloud 2. Wear Red and be there at 5:00 PM.




Wed, July 12, 6:00 - 8:00 PM at Flying Cloud 2.


Gopher State Tournament, Mankato - July 14 - 16


Game 1: Friday, July 14, 6:15 PM vs Forest Lake. Wear Red and be there at 5:15 PM. Sibley Park #2.


Game 2: Sat, July 13, 10:15 PM vs Wayzata Gold. Wear Black and be there at 9:15 AM. Rosa Park #6


Game 3: Sat. July 13, 2:45 PM vs Blaine Blue. Wear Black and be there at 1:45 PM. Sibley Park #6.


Game 4: Sunday, depends on pool finish




Sibley Park Fields, 900 Mound Avenue, Mankato, MN 56001:,-94.0324005,1158m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sSibley+Park,+Mankato,+MN!3m4!1s0x0:0xd4bd415b398032e5!8m2!3d44.161506!4d-94.0329561


Rosa Park Fields at the Elementary School, 1001 Heron Dr, Mankato, MN 56001:'09.0%22N+93%C2%B058'58.4%22W/@44.1358453,-93.9850776,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d44.1358453!4d-93.9828889