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2020 EPBA Community and Travel Leagues
Are you looking for an activity where your son or daughter can learn the value of relationships, selflessness, accountability, and excellence, while having fun doing it?
Then Eden Prairie Baseball is right for you! 

Mission Statement

Living our EPBA Mission 

The Eden Prairie Baseball Association is dedicated to preparing children for life through the game of baseball and the accountable acts of our core values.

EPBA Core Values 


Respecting our community, players, parents, and opponents.


Making others a priority


Delivering on your commitments


Giving your best effort

Junior Division Community League & Travel Baseball Programs
Rookie Camp                                                     4&5 Year old / pre-Kindergarten

T-Ball                                                                5&6 Year old / Kindergarten 
1st Grade – Machine Pitch                                     7 Year old      

2nd Grade – Machine/Coach pitch                          8 Year old  
3rd Grade – 1st year youth pitch                            9 Year old   

9U Travel                                                                  9 Year old

4th & 5th Grade Community                                 10-11 Year olds
10U Travel                                                        10 Year old
11U Travel                                                        11 Year old

Senior Division Community League & Travel Baseball Programs
6th & 7th Grade Community                                 12-13 Year olds
12U Travel                                                        12 Year old travel
13U Travel                                                        13 Year old travel

8th & 9th Grade Community                                  14-15 Year olds
14U Travel                                                        14 Year old travel
15U Travel                                                        15 Year old travel

10th – 12th Grade Community                              16-18 Year olds
Legion, Sr. Babe Ruth & Jr. Legion Travel            16-18 Year olds

VP Community- Nate Springer 
VP Travel- Melissa Engler ( )
Did you know…
The Eden Prairie Baseball Association provides financial assistance to families in need?
Because the EPBA believes that no young baseball player should ever be denied the opportunity to participate in America’s favorite pastime because of temporary family economic problems we provide financial assistance to families in need. Should you need financial assistance in order to participate in the league, please contact the EPBA Treasurer – Kevin Thompson at