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Change Team: 
Gametime Bench Coach Needed
by posted 05/22/2022

Hello Asteroids Parents,

    Our Asteroids did as well as their best practice last week, Thanks for coming out to cheer on your team!

    I received a note of concern about the bench antics and I share that concern.  Next Thursday only Coach Jeff and myself will be available again.  And moving forward with the rest of the season, Coach Tom is only available on Mondays.  As such, we'll need to add a bench coach.  Their responsibilities are limited to game days and will include keeping kids on the bench and cheering their teammates, prepping the "on deck" and "in the hole" players, and generally keeping an eye on the dug out.  I'm going to have a conversation about "expected behavior" with our players tomorrow as well.  

   Please let me know if you can be that bench coach, we don't want any one to get hurt off the field.

~ Shawn 

PS We could use a 4th person to catch over-throw pitches and foul balls too.  This speeds up game play a lot.

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Games start Thursday
by posted 05/15/2022

Hello Asteroids!

   Our games start this Thursday.  If your player can't make the games, please let me know ahead of time. League Athletics provides the ability to indicate attendance.  I will check this, but email will also work. 

   I got the signup genious for snacks ready to go.  Drinks and snacks are listed separately, but feel free to bring both on the same night if that's easier.

   For those who have had to miss practice, I recommended 20 minutes of throwing progression and a trip to the batting cages.  

   Go Asteroids!

~ Shawn



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